Coin & Jym Redemption


5 -20 Coins/Jyms

   5 - Drill Upgrade (pearl not included)

10 - 1 Oyster Opening

10 - Random Plated Cage (Our Choice, cage only)

15 - 1 Oyster Opening w/ drill upgrade

15 - Plated Cage (cage only)

20 - Plated Cage w/ 1 Oyster Opening

20 - Wheel Spin

25 - 50 Coins/Jyms

25 - Goodie Bag

25 - Plated Cage Set (1 cage, 1 oyster opening, 1 chain of your choice)

35 - Sterling Silver Mounted PIece w/ 1 Oyster Opening

40 - Mounted Piece w/ 2 Oyster Openings

45 - Tray (5 Oyster Openings)

Coin/Jym Redemption Rules


*Coins and Jyms can only be won by playing Shawn's Shells & Beach Ball game.

*Coins and Jyms have no monetary value. 

*Coins and Jyms can only be redeemed for the above prizes.

*All Coins (gold & Silver) are worth "1"

*All Jyms (no matter the color) are worth "2"

Coin/Jym Accumulation

*Coins/Jyms can be redeemed immediately upon earning them, or they can be saved and add up over time.

*CB Pearls will keep track of all coins/Jyms won for each player. 

*Totals will be kept on a computer spreadsheet and on index cards so they can be shown during live parties if needed.

*If you need to know how many coin/Jyms you have, please message the page and we will let you know! If we are live, we will show you your  card.

*If you dispute how many coins/Jyms you have, please contact us immediately so we can get the problem resolved.


*Shipping for redeemed Coins/Jyms prizes can/will be combined with any other items you may have won/purchased. You will not need to pay an extra shipping fee.

*If you are only redeeming points and have no orders to be shipped out, you will need to pay the shipping fee before the redeemed prizes will be shipped. 

Go to and choose shipping only. Then check out like normal. 


If you have any questions about Shawn's Shell & Beach Ball game, Coins and Jyms, or Redemption, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of home page, or message us on our facebook page

If you are at all curious about Shawn's Shells, Coren's Coins and Jyli's (Jylian) Jyms. Please ask during any live party. I will be more than happy to tell you about these 3 amazing kids!